Asparagus wielding mystic from UK predicts country's future, including PM May and tennis star Andy Murray

Jemima Packington predictions
Jemima Packington predictions Reuters & YouTube grab

The world has already got excited when they heard about the predictions by famous mystic woman Baba Vanga. Now another seer, who predicted Brexit and the professional former footballer Jamie Redknapp's divorce, using asparagus, has warned the world of more upcoming shocking events.

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The 61-year-old Jemima Packington is known for her weird style of predicting future i.e. by tossing the vegetables in the air and interpreting according to their shape on the ground. Earlier she told about the rise of crypto-currency and worldwide payment system called Bitcoin. Surprisingly, her another prediction has come true last year regarding UK's record rainfall. Another prophecy regarding weather came true when she predicted Storm Eleanor, which thrashed UK with 100mph winds.

Jemima also thinks that in 2018 there will be more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. However, things get weirder from here. She believes that word will witness a record number of Royal births this year.

According to the, the Evesham resident Jemima also predicted that by the end of 2018, British Prime Minister Theresa May will lose her seat and someone else will replace her. Not only this, a political scandal in Westminster is imminent, according to her.

She has also claimed that British films will clinch success in Academy awards and a particular actor will be appreciated for his contribution to the movie industry.

Well, her calibre doesn't end here. She predicted that 2018 will not be a good year for sports. She said that no national team or any individual sports personality will be able to achieve anything for Britain in 2018. Well, this can become true as English cricket team has already lost the Ashes to Australia. Moreover, the former World No. 1 and tennis star Andy Murray has announced his withdrawal from upcoming Australian Open.

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She said "I take what I do seriously but I never take myself seriously. When I cast the asparagus, it creates patterns and it is the patterns I interpret."

Jemima, who now lives in southwest England's city of Bath, has also said that she has received her unique ability from her great aunt who used to read future with tea leaves.

"I am usually about 80-90 percent accurate with my predictions.I go through my predictions each year and think: 'Yep, that's happened, yep, that's happened," the mystic woman said.

"Occasionally I get one slightly off, where I haven't quite read it correctly, but I'm never far off. Brexit happened, and Prince Harry did have a very important announcement," she further added.

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This article was first published on January 5, 2018