Asian Countries in Putin's Cross Hairs; Singapore, Japan Face Cyberattack - Report

Singapore, Japan and some other countries are facing cyberattack threats from Russia as they imposed sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine war. Russia could also launch a trade war against some Asian countries over the sanctions. Moscow has listed those countries as 'unfriendly to Russia' for echoing with the West over the Ukraine war.

Apart from Singapore, Japan, the US, and its allies, Russia's list of unfriendly countries also includes the names of Taiwan and South Korea.


Singapore Provided Mine Detectors, Fire Engines To Ukraine

The move came as these government are directly supporting Ukraine and has imposed economic sanctions against Russia that are harming the country severely at the time of the war.

In support of Ukraine, Singapore has provided the war-torn nation mine detectors, ambulances, and fire engines amid the war. While Japan has targeted Russian gold and oligarchs as it banned Moscow's gold exports and imposed sanctions against Russian oligarchs.

Russia Was Ready To Retaliate Against Japan

Russia's envoy to Japan had in February warned Moscow was ready to retaliate against Japan's sweeping sanctions. Among other things, Tokyo banned imports of Russian machinery and vodka and froze assets held by major Russian lenders, according to South China Morning Post.

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If Singapore widens its sanctions against Moscow or it provides military help to Ukraine, Russia has planned some measures that could be implemented, according to a senior Russian diplomat.

"When that happens, it means that Singapore does not value our bilateral relationship," the senior Russian diplomat told SCMP, requesting anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue. "So why should we?"

Meanwhile, experts are also suggesting that Moscow's relations with Tokyo and Seoul are tense due to the Ukraine war.

Chris Miller, assistant professor of international history at Tufts University, pointed out that Moscow tried to show its military power to Japan and as it held a joint military drill with China near Japan's border, the move is seen as a warning from Russia to Tokyo for joining the West over the Ukraine war.