Asian-American Adult Star Marica Hase Says She Was Called 'Ugly Asian Girl' on Set

A 21-year-old gunman killed eight people including six Asian women at a Spa in Atlanta on March 16, and blamed his self-diagnosed sex addiction for his horrific actions telling police ''I had to remove the temptation'' and faulted the women's existence for his sexual frustrations.

It is reported that that killer, Robert Aaron Long, watched several porn videos of Asian women and all of it were shot in a Spa and the women in the videos indulged in massages and that is when he made up his mind to target a spa as it has Asian women working as staff.

Asian-American Japanses Adult Star Marica Hase
Instagram grab / Marica Hase

Asian-American adult star Marica Hase, who has starred in several porn movies as a masseur, opened up to the Daily Beast that the adult entertainment industry has a fair share of racism and experienced it while she was on the set for a shoot with fiver other women.

The Japanese American revealed that she along with the girls were shooting for the box cover and the photographer asked her to pose in the middle and that is when the other girl walked up to the director and asked him why is the ''ugly Asian girl'' standing in the center.

Hase stated that the director took a stand against the performer and spoke about her accomplishments in the industry calling her a Penthouse Pet and a much well-known artist.

''I worked with five girls on a movie and we were shooting photos for the box cover,'' said Marica Hase to the Daily Best. ''One of the five girls said I was an ugly Asian girl and asked why I was in the center. The director let her know I'm a Penthouse Pet and more famous than her, and they also wanted to place me in the center because of the lighting.''

However, Hase did not reveal the name of the woman performer and which shoot she was in. The adult star currently lives in Los Angeles, California and maintains a strong connection with her home country Japan and regularly posts stories about the country's heritage and culture on her Instagram stories and travels to Japan whenever she can.

Hase is a breast cancer survivor and underwent mastectomy in Southern California and her fans donated wholeheartedly for her treatment after she set up a GoFuneMe page to cover her treatment and hospitalization charges. However, she did not specify which stage of breast cancer she was diagnosed with but has now recovered from the deadly illness.