Ash Straughn, A Renowned Business Coach, and Entrepreneur, Suggests a Few General Strategies For Growing a Business

Ash Straughn

As days pass, we see many new developments and advancements across various business industries of the world. We wonder what could be the driving force behind these high-level successes of people and their companies. It is quite surreal to know that these industries grow not just with the developments that happen each day but also because of entrepreneurs' relentless hard work and efforts. Many women are now leading business industries and changing the dynamics of the world for the better. Ash "Kash" Straughn is a classic example of one of these entrepreneurs. She started with nothing and grew into the owner of a phenomenal coaching business, The Kash Code, Inc., Her skills in social media and networking have helped build a stronger brand and take business owners to their desired levels of success.

Successfully scaling a business is about the fundamentals and also having the stamina to see it through, explains the talented businesswoman. There are a few general strategies that, according to her, can help budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

• Knowing & testing your niche: Understanding your niche is one of the most essential things in scaling a business, says Ash. She says that it can help people test their business model and help with growth.

• Understanding the competition: Getting into a particular industry and not paying attention to competing businesses and business models can lead to owners making huge mistakes. Ash says one needs to research the market adequately and know their competition before doing a hard launch. One must learn who is doing well, what has been helping their business perform, learn from them and strategize accordingly.

• Identifying opportunities: Always identify or find new opportunities in business. Ash feels that no matter the competition in any market, there are innumerable opportunities present. People need to identify and use them to penetrate the market.

• Leveraging social media: Ash, who is also an outstanding content creator across social media, can't emphasize this point enough, saying that business owners must optimize the resources available on social media to create more buzz around their brands.

Ash has pushed her limits, always strived to level up her game, not just as a business coach but also as an industry expert and entrepreneur. She founded Travel Funds Kids, an organization that benefits children worldwide by bringing continuous funding to schools. She has also created a Mastermind Curriculum, helping entrepreneurs and their businesses to get to the next level.