Aryan Narwat aka Sagar Kumar gives humanity a new meaning with his social works

Aryan Narwat

Serving the countrymen by far remains one of the biggest contributions in the development of a nation. Aryan Narwat aka Sagar Kumar followed the footsteps of his father of serving the country and he is successfully doing it. The only difference is Aryan's father served the country by being in the Indian Army whereas this young boy is helping the people of India by his social works. The social worker says, "I did not join the Indian Army but I am serving the countrymen without wearing a uniform. I am glad that I became a social activist and am there at the forefront to help the people."

With his works, Aryan is rightly promoting humanity and harmony all over the country. His only mission is to bring motivation and positivity in people's lives. At just 25, Narwat is inspiring the young minds and is the perfect role model for the youth. He also creates motivational videos to convey his message to the larger sections of people across India. Apart from this, 'Fitholic Association' is his NGO which is one of its kind and is India's first fitness NGO. The goal of the NGO is to promote fitness across the rural area of the country.

Aryan is a national member of the UN Program called 'Let's Do It India' (World Clean Up Day). Besides promoting health and fitness, he also initiates cleanliness drives to maintain the surroundings clean. His NGO also provides fitness training equipment and trainer to those who cannot afford to go to the gyms. Recently, during the coronavirus epidemic, he made significant contributions by distributing essential commodities like ration, clothes, face masks, sanitizers and handwashes.

The distribution drive was led by him in Delhi and Indore. With making a tremendous contribution in this crisis, Aryan Narwat is surely setting an example that humanity prevails over everything. From his income, the majority of the earnings go to the welfare of poor people. To know more about the social activist, check out his Instagram page 'makeinindia_aaru'. With so much of contribution, this young lad has been a positive force who is strengthening harmony among everyone in the country.