Aryaan Arora Steps Down as CEO Roping in Author and Sister Amira Arora as The New Chief Executive Officer of The Arora Company

The Arora Company

The Arora Company has announced that Amira Arora will be joining the company as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on January 11th of 2022.

Brand Ambassador of BUILTBYGIRLS, an initiative launched by the former President and First Lady, Michelle Obama, Amira Arora succeeds brother Aryaan Arora, who first took the position as a member of the board in 2019. However, due to multiple projects conflicting with Arora's 2022-2023 timeline, the young founder must step down as CEO of the company and continue as owner and majority stakeholder.

"I am very pleased to welcome Amira Arora as the new CEO," Aryaan Arora, Chairperson of the Board of The Arora Company, said in a statement.

"The Arora Company is going through a rapid transformation of digitalization post the COVID crisis which is why we wanted to bring in someone with substance, loyalty, and most importantly, global experience from outside the marketing industry," Arora added.

Amira Arora strongly believes that age or gender should not be a deciding factor for assessing the potential or capability in an individual. The ongoing gender disparity, particularly in India, has encouraged the activist to use her voice to stand up for a cause which is extremely close to her heart.

"That was one of the prime reasons for bringing on Amira Arora as CEO. Her indisputable vision of promoting companies and individuals who were making a strong positive impact in their community," Co-Founder Aryaan Arora stated.