Artist Manager Rishabh Lund is using digital media to expand his horizons as an artist manager

Rishabh Lund

The digital medium has proven to be a blessing for all the people in this pandemic. From carrying out online businesses to exploring new opportunities, the internet has acted as a catalyst in people's success. Many artists have created a storm on the internet by showcasing their talent to all.

The same is with artist manager Rishabh Lund who went unstoppable even in the lockdown. Where everyone is sitting at home and finding ways to sustain themselves in these hard times, Rishabh is utilizing the digital space to make his business work. Rishabh who has organized some of the big events of the country has switched to online space when the situation prevailed. It defines the amazing personality of the artist manager and his sensibility for the usage of resources he has in his hands in the best manner.

Rishabh considers pandemic to be the hardest time for the entire industry which created havoc all around. It was around this time when the artist manager came in contact with DJ Aqeel Ali, World No 1 Bollywood DJ as he was hosting his live stream. The artist manager has done the job in an exceptionally smooth manner. His work received a lot of praise. The artist manager is also planning some more online events for the following month that would add to one more star in his cape.

Rishabh Lund is a wonderful and youngest artist manager of his time. The artist manager thinks his parents play a major role in his success. On the work front, a fantastic artist manager is currently working for Event Daastaan and many more.