Art of Mob is Giving Players a Chance to Rob-to-Earn Their Favorite NFTs

 Art of Mob

The global NFT boom is expected to grow even further over the next several years, as NFTs become a fixture of society due to the increasing involvement of mainstream media, artists, influencers, gamers, and more. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that cannot be duplicated and live on the blockchain. Their explosive popularity is part of a larger technological revolution in which nearly all aspects of life have been moving to a digital format. The NFT market size is expected to grow by 147.24 billion U.S. dollars from 2021 to 2026, according to PR Newswire.

Within the wider NFT world is the concept of play-to-earn games, which reward participants with digital cash or NFTs. These blockchain-based games have become more popular due to the ability to earn currency that has real-world value while also having fun. However, one NFT company is bringing a new take on the play-to-earn model. Art of Mob is introducing the first-ever rob-to-earn model of gaming within the metaverse.

The rob-to-earn concept was created by mobsters in partnership with Robocom VR, a company known for its award-winning Transformers simulator. To participate, users act out the role of art thieves and rob some of the metaverse's largest museums. Players will be able to win the very NFTs that they are able to rob. This gives users the ability to "take over" the metaverse and control exactly what they earn. The Art of Mob player is rebellious, brave, and fiercely independent.

Art of Mob was founded by Basel Ibrahim in collaboration with Robocom VR, consisting of a genesis collection of 10,000 uniquely created "mobsters" on the Solana blockchain. Each of the NFTs will be derived from a base that consists of 200 different attributes. The entire collection was drawn by Francois Matar, an original NFT artist that utilized procreate and illustrator. Each asset will be unique but will serve the same purpose. Art of Mob will also be launching a line of apparel, a cigar brand, and an alcohol brand, furthering the mobster mentality to other aspects of life.

While the mobster lifestyle has been somewhat quiet since the 70s, Art of Mob empowers a group of modern-day mobsters to take over this new world, the metaverse. Keep an eye out on all that is to come for this industry-transforming NFT brand.