Art for good cause will change the way you see Art

Jibin George

Painting done by Jibin George, "Compulsive Disarray", done in 2020, which is selected as the 'Best Creation' by Mary Anne Charitable Trust, India during the Online national painting Competition based on the topic - Protecting Youth from Tobacco

Art? What does this word mean to you? Well, art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. The word art may be just a word to us but for the artist, it is a way of life. Many artists across the globe go unnoticed even after creating great artworks. ."Art for good cause" is an initiative by an Indian artist to motivate emerging artists and to create an international platform for artists to showcase their talent.

Art can be both inspiring and intriguing. Art can sometimes become a realization to real life. It is said that " Someone's imagination can change another's reality sometime's. Every time when we see beautiful art it awakens the creativity and beauty inside of us all. Great artwork can make people stop if even for just a couple of minutes, to have an emotional and inspiring experience. The amazing thing about this experience is that these emotions are re-lived every time we see that artwork again. Keeping this in Mind, Art for good cause has organized the first international art competition in 2019, with the support of Art Impact International based on the subject "Protect kids from tobacco". This event was inspired by the WHO's initiative on Anti-tobacco. At the beginning of 2020, another global art competition was organized by Art for Good cause on the subject "Global warming" which was a grand success.

The man behind the art for good cause is an Indian self-taught artist,Jibin George, who is currently living in Texas. He has painted over 400+ portraits/Pairings and done multiple exhibitions and workshops in the United States and India to promote art. He has reviewed artworks received in global art competitions and has been juried in many art competitions. He is the author of the book "Let Us Learn Figure Drawing '' and published on Amazon. He has Juried the International art competition organized by Art Impact International – "The Endangered'' in 2020. This year he was one of the Jurors for the event organized by Youth for Human Rights International, DC. In 2019, he introduced the concept of Art For Good Cause. The initiative was developed to use his creativity as well as art across the world to create social impact. His main reason is to motivate emerging artists and is to create an international platform to showcase their talents. His mission is to help emerging artists find global recognition.