Arsonist who started fire in Yeshiva University arrested again for trespassing in Staten Island

Peter Weyand, was picked up by the New York City police at around 11:30 pm on Sunday (December 22, 2019) for trespassing into a backyard in Staten Island

A 33-year-old man from Manhattan, who was let go after being arrested and arraigned for committing arson at Yeshiva University on Saturday (December 21, 2019), found himself in the clutches of the law again for trespassing less than 24 after he was freed under supervised release.

Peter Weyand was picked up by the New York City police at around 11:30 pm on Sunday for trespassing into a backyard in Staten Island. He allegedly smashed the fence of a backyard and unlawfully entered it. This was Weynad's third run-in with the law this month.

Arson at Yeshiva University

In the early hours of Saturday, Weynad had broken into the Schottenstein Residence Hall at Yeshiva University. Using the matches meant for a Hanukkah menorah, he set three fires within the dorm. The firebug was caught on surveillance camera, and footage showed him kicking down a glass door in order to gain entry into the all-female dormitory.

Fire accident
Fire accident report Pixabay

Firefighters were hailed at 3:50 am to douse the blaze. The loss was limited to a few rolls of toilet paper, a box of refills of hand sanitizer inside a closet and a computer. Weyand was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and trespassing. However, he was released on Sunday afternoon without bail.

The New York Police has ruled out the possibility of this being a hate crime for the time being in a tweet through its official handle.

Threatened a housemate with knife

On December 5, Weyand was arrested and charged with harassment and misdemeanor after he pulled a pocket knife on a housemate. A quarrel had broken out between the two over loud music at an apartment in Bushwick Ave near Hart St. in Brooklyn. Following this, Weyand threatened him with the weapon.

According to police authorities, after the housemate had barricaded himself inside the room, Weynad was said to have intimidated him by saying, "Here, piggy, piggy, piggy." The case is pending in Brooklyn Criminal Court.