Arrested Pedophile in Utah Filmed His Molestation of Child During Funeral Inside Mormon Church

Federal agencies conducted an investigation which showed that the culprit is involved in manufacturing child pornography.

A 21-year old man was arrested by police in the American state of Utah after it turned out that he was involved in the production and distribution of child pornography. What is even more shocking is the fact that this man molested a four-year-old child last year during a funeral, held in a Mormon church, and recorded the heinous act on video.

Thomas Michael Wallin has been put into the Salt Lake County Jail. His crimes were discovered after an investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security. They were able to gather strong evidence proving the misdeeds of the arrested individual. After conducting a search of his house, they took him into custody.

Thomas Wallin
The 21-year old accused Thomas Michael Wallin Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

Wallin will now face three felony charges relating to abuse of minors and one charge of aggravated sexual abuse against a child. According to the affidavit filed by the police, the accused has confessed to his crimes.

Criminal past of the accused

The affidavit also states that the young man has a history of abusing children. The prosecution requested that no bail be allowed to him as he is a danger to minors.

"Wallin has an extensive juvenile history of engaging in sexual contact with minors," the affidavit says. "Wallin sexually abused a young male during funeral gatherings at an LDS (Mormon) chapel. Wallin is believed to be a danger to children and has admitted to speaking with another associate regarding kidnapping and rape of a child," the affidavit further reads.

Child Abuse
The accused has confessed to producing child pornography Pixabay

As per information published in local media, the accused worked as a security guard. He didn't possess any weapons. Despite the now revealed history of his criminal past, his career record is unblemished by any disciplinary actions taken against him in the past.

Utah's record

Utah has ranked among the top states in terms of the number of children sexually abused, though the number has fluctuated in recent years. Various governmental and non-governmental agencies are trying to create greater awareness among the general public. Structures have also been set up to help children and their families who have suffered in this way.

While every case of a child getting molested is repugnant in the extreme, the fact that the pervert in this case chose a religious place to commit the ghastly act and even recorded it makes it all the more nauseating.