Arnas Gintalas and Passionate Income's 1M Follower Rise to Insta-Fame

Arnas Gintalas

Arnas Gintalas, the mind behind Passionate Income, shows entrepreneurs how it is done. The 20-year-old from Lithuania grew his company to 1M followers over 13 short months. Having run the business for three years, he is familiar with success and has no intentions of stopping now.

Gintalas has effectively created a company that gained significant traction on Instagram. While many pages act as faceless meme pages, he saw Passionate Income as a media company and acted accordingly. With ambitions of growing the company and achieving his goals while empowering youth to achieve their dreams, Gintalas has made an exemplary effort as an entrepreneur that up-and-comers can learn from.

On that note, Gintalas hit the 1M mark on IG without spending a cent on ads or promotions. Attaining this level of organic growth is rare in the industry, but he knew what people wanted to see and put it on the page. The results were inevitable, not that marketing efforts are always guaranteed, but with such raw talent in action, Passionate Income's success was practically predictable.

Passionate Income is starting to expand beyond Instagram and into the newsletter space due to the demand of interested parties. The Passionate Income Newsletter visits 15,000 readers each day. Keeping Gintalas' audience engaged over multiple mediums helped amplify the results of his marketing efforts, and other entrepreneurial industry forces are noticing. Movers are watching his next steps to stay on top of the most innovative practices since he proved his ability to get results.

Gintalas' achievements resulted in a chain of events that put him on the map. From traveling around the world to meeting incredible people, his experiences and investments in personal development continue to contribute to the success he will surely gain. The Passionate Income continues to flourish on Instagram and is expected to prosper.

The 20-year-old is garnering attention for the efficiency and efficacy of his marketing moves. Hailing from a small town in a small country, he did not grow up surrounded by inspirational resources. Gintalas took his inspiration from his dad and used it to fuel his career. He used YouTube to learn everything he needed to start his first business. Without a dime to invest in mentors or books at the time, he still curated a skillset enabling him to begin his notably successful entrepreneurial journey. Gintalas started his first online business at only 14, proving that determination, resourcefulness, and talent are a combination that can make the following stats climb.

Now, interested parties in the entrepreneurial and marketing sectors are watching to see what Gintalas will do next. He has already made innovative moves and will surely shake things up in the industry. After achieving this level of success at this age, there is no telling what heights Gintalas will soar to.