Armed robber demands cash, McDonald's staff tells him to buy cheeseburger first

The robber went to the store, placed a note on the counter stating, "I am armed. Give cash now." The counter staff told him the till won't open unless he bought something first.

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An armed robber at McDonald's went to steal some cash but he was told that he needs to buy something for the till to open. The robber, who has been identified as Daniel Parra-Braun, reportedly went to the store, placed a note on the counter stating, "I am armed. Give cash now."

However, the staff at McDonald's, Coventry, told the robber that they are unable to open the till unless something is purchased. So, the robber had to actually order 99p cheeseburger. According to a Mirror report, he even handed over a note of £5 before he could flee with £136 in cash.

Parra-Braun is currently in jail for four robberies in June last year. Reportedly, Warwick Crown Court was informed that the crook marched into McDonald's in Coventry at 8 pm and terrified the staff by handing over a note that said, "Give me the money from the till. You're going to have to, I'm armed."

After he bought the burger, the manager handed over £136 from the till and the robber fled with the money. This was not the only such case, prosecutor Simon Burch informed the court. He also held up another McDonald's, bookmakers and a hotel. He reportedly went to William Hill bookmakers and gave a note that said: "I am armed. The money from the till please." Mr Burch further added, "Addressing a member of staff by her first name, with his hand in his pocket to feign to have a weapon, he told her: I don't want to whack it out, I just want the money'."

Reportedly, Parra-Braun has 11 convictions for several offences including theft. The judge, Peter Cooke, told him: "I accept that this bizarre few hours in your life was the product of something of a psychiatric collapse you had suffered. Your behaviour has that peculiar flavour to it and was not just about obtaining money. There is no suggestion you produced or had a weapon, but the people on the other end of the threats were not to know that."

This article was first published on October 10, 2019
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