Armed Militia Getting Ready to Take US Streets on Election Day As Trump Urges to Look for 'Fraud'

Thousands of the National Guard troops have been deployed in the 25 states of the nation due to fears of violence

Armed militia are ready to take the streets in the US as the nation gets ready for election day. The current polling shows that Joe Biden has a lead over Donald Trump, but the president has urged his supporters to look for evidence of 'fraud' at the polls.

The president has shown his concern about the truthfulness of the election that he is facing long odds for victory. The critics and the non-partisan groups have condemned Trump's call for the poll watchers as part of an effort to intimidate the voters.

Militia Groups Looking at 'Fraud' in Election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Twitter

The militia groups have given warning that they would march with their guns if there are signs of fraud affected result, which has raised fears of violent clashes between the left and the right groups. The president has insisted that he might declare victory on the election night even if the results have not been officially declared.

He criticized the decision of the officials in Pennsylvania to be allowed to continue the counting of votes after election day, which is a common practice in the US. Josh Ellis, who runs a website coordinating along with the right-wing militia, stated that there were as many as 100,000 in groups all over the nation.

"No one is showing up in full battle-rattle with AR-15s. They will be watching out for fraud and intimidation. Afterwards, we will have to see what happens. I can see the left coming out to the streets if they don't get their way and the right coming out if there is conclusive evidence of fraud," he said as reported by The Sun.

Thousands of National Guard troops are going to get deployed in 25 states. As per Wayne Hall, spokesman for the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon, the troops are going to have many missions including protecting cybersecurity. In Washington DC, fencing and the soldiers have been posted around the White House regarding fears of violence on the streets due to a disputed result. In the swing state of Wisconsin, where Trump won narrowly in 2016, nearby 400 troops are going to serve as the poll workers.

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