In a heart-wrenching incident, a toddler was burnt to death while trying to rescue his dog from his Arkansas home. The incident happened in Gentry on Saturday evening, when 23-month-old baby boy Loki Sharp's home caught fire.

The fire happened around 5 pm due to faulty electric lines. The family was not inside when the incident took place. Kurtis, Caitlyn and their children quickly scrambled to call for help and try to put out the fire. The couple was trying to control the fire when Loki, their one-and-a-half-year-old son, ran into the house to rescue their dog. The toddler's efforts were futile as he got trapped in the fire and was not able to get out.

Fire destroys a structure in California
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Not to wear anything black

Gentry Fire Department Chief Vester Cripps confirmed the death and the circumstances of the fire are still being investigated. On a Facebook post on Monday, the child's father, Kurtis Sharp, expressed his sadness in Loki's death. He said, "fly high baby boy u are extremely missed and loved, we know ur home and it kills us to see u have to go so soon. But mommy and daddy and all ur siblings and family love u dearly". He posted the words along with a picture of his son.

The Sharp family said that the child's viewing will be on Monday. The child's father requested his loved ones to not wear anything black. Instead, he asked everybody to "mix it up" and wear Loki's favourite colours red, white and or black. After the death, the Sharp family's close relatives and friends started fundraising to help them get back on their feet with the house and the funeral expenses.