Arham Muhammad's Road Out Of Misfortune Into Success

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Arham Muhammad

Growing up in poverty, witnessing volatile relationships that led to abandonment, and struggling with abuse and chronic illness might be too much for some children, but it never held Arham Muhammad back. As a child, Arham needed an escape from his troubled day-to-day life, and he found exactly that in the form of computers.

Though he had no money to his name, Arham Muhammad began taking apart any electronic device he could find to see how it functioned, as he was obsessed with innovation, technology, and the inner workings of electronics. This obsession began at the tender age of 7 and grew into a passion, until, around the age of 12, his attention turned to cybersecurity, cyber forensics, and reverse engineering. At 13, he was finding weaknesses in the security of websites of major companies such as AOL, ESPN, and Microsoft. At 14, Arham pen tested applications, and he was often featured on security websites.

When he was still young, Arham worked day and night. During this time, he created his first business concept – the prototype of an interest-based social media platform before Facebook and Twitter became popular. Unfortunately, the idea did not progress as he had hoped, as he had limited seed capital and contact with global investors, along with other issues such as technical limitations. "I am proud of my heritage but being from Pakistan meant I had to face more issues when dealing with the international market, from banking to business and everything else," noted Arham.

Arham was dealt another blow when he was forced to drop out of school. He thought that all his ambitions for the future were slowly slipping away from him and that life would only get more challenging. But that was not his fate. At 20, Arham set out on a new business venture during the rise of digital platforms. As organic reach was great, the concept was to use the space of prominent public figures and celebrities to make their capital work for them in various ways while earning commission for himself. This was a challenge at the start as Arham had no knowledge of how to run a business and no experience in the sales industry, but after many cold calls and emails, his business boomed and is now a global digital marketing powerhouse.

At one point, his company handled all the A-list celebrities and public figures. Now his direct-response advertising business generates over 9-figures in revenue. Arham believes in scalability, knowing that business is not linear, and uses this to his advantage. At 24, Arham was the founder and CEO of many companies, and he became a multi-millionaire, which is still a proud moment for him, though not his proudest moment – that would be when he was able to buy a house for his family, which happened in the same year, 2016.

"In my spare time, I am currently obsessed with reading and learning more about different businesses and technology, such as automation and AI. I spend hours thinking about how to solve a specific problem and brainstorming tons of ideas because you can never truly know enough," finished Arham.