Download these paid Android games now for free!

Google brings tonnes of paid games on the Play Store, which are now available to download for free

If you can't get enough of your Clash of Clans and Pokémon GO, Google brings tonnes of paid games on the Play Store, which are now available to download for free. This is a limited-time offer, so you might want to get them now.

Bowl! Drill! Score! Stat! (US$0.96)

Bring the bowling sport on your phone. This bowling game app makes your playtime more convenient with its many unique features.

Download Bowl! Drill! Score! Stat! for Android here.

Dark Tower (US$0.98)

Before reaching the evil tower, players will have to explore floors wrapped in darkness to make their way to the top. Goblins, wizards, skeletons, zombies, vampires, warriors and minions of the immortal queen are your enemies. That's a whole lot of character variations.

Download Dark Tower for Android here.

Planetarix (US$0.96)

Planetarix is an attention and memory game wherein you have to unveil your cohorts from planet to planet. Know who your friends are and are not.

Download Planetarix for Android here.

Etaria (US$0.41)

In a mysterious world of animals and creatures, your mission is to develop villages and bring in citizens to live in there. Lead your citizens to prosperity, discover new territories and attack other villages—the activities are endless.

Download Etaria for Android here.

Little Sea Wolf (US$2.94)

Designed for six-year-old kids and up, Little Sea Wolf is an ideal mobile game to train your child's thinking and memory abilities. It has more than 25 mini-games ranging from puzzles, numbers, jigsaw, labyrinth, groups and other types.

Download Little Sea Wolf for Android here.

Island Survival Pro (US$0.59)

On a deserted island, wild hungry animals swarm and there is not anyone living in there except you who are stuck in the middle of winter madness. Your goal is to survive from animal attacks and solve the mysteries revolving around the island.

Download Island Survival Pro for Android here.