Are vampires real? Sheep corpses with hole in neck sparks fear


A terrifying discovery made in a small eastern Ukranian village has shocked local residents. Recently, a farmer from the village discovered sheep corpses with holes in their neck.

Upon further analysis, veterinary experts found two holes on the neck artery of these sheep. All the discovered bodies had no blood in it, and it seems like a perfect work of surgical excellence.

"All the blood was sucked from their bodies through the holes in their necks and legs. I did not find any single spot of blood on the ground near the corpses. There was not even a drop of blood in the animal's hearts. They were just empty. I've never seen anything like it before," said Maria Andriychuk, the veterinarian who performed an autopsy on these sheep.

As the news about the bizarre incident went viral, several people started claiming that vampires are living secretly in the area. Some people argued that people who do satanic worships are secretly collecting blood from animals to conduct their rituals.

A hunter named Yaroslav Yurchuk strongly assured that the chances of these goats being killed by wolves or dogs are pretty less. As per Yaroslav, wolves usually pull the carcass to a safe place before eating it.

"We do not have wolves in the area as we do not have large forests here. If it had been a wolf, it would have pulled the carcass to a safe place before eating it. Also, a wolf usually eats the flesh of its victim. It couldn't have been a fox as they do not attack animals larger than they are," said Yaroslav, reports.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that these bizarre killings are the work of aliens from deep space.

As authorities remain clueless regarding the animal which caused the death of these sheep, fear has gripped the entire village, and many people in the vicinities revealed that they are afraid to go out of the house especially after evenings.

This article was first published on August 26, 2018
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