Are these crop circles on Google Maps proof of alien life?

Crop circles found on Google Maps in a desert near Egypt's Red Sea indicates the possibility of alien existence.

Crop Circles
Google Maps

A bizarre sighting on Google Maps in a desert near Egypt's Red Sea is now the hottest topic among alien buffs. The images from this web mapping service feature crop circles and believers claim that it is the work of extra-terrestrial beings.

The crop circle pattern shows two spirals that spin out from the center, and it is made up of raised piles of sand and holes made on the ground. These weird patterns have raised eyebrows and some people were claiming that they are made by aliens.

However, bad news for alien hunters, these new crop circles have been proved to be manmade. The newly discovered patterns is basically an artwork, and they were drawn by three artists in an enormous one million square feet diameter.

Three artists named Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou and Stella Constantinides have created these patterns, and they made this to show the passage of time and the nature of the desert. The artists have named the pattern 'Desert Breath'.

Earlier also a set of figures were discovered, which made people go bonkers. It was later discovered that the patterns were drawn by Doug Bower and Dave Chorley in the 1970s.

UFO sightings increasing worldwide

Even though the desert figure conspiracy theory has been debunked, alien buffs still believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life, and they claim that the increasing number of UFO sightings in various corners of the globe is substantiating this fact. A couple of days back, unidentified flying objects were seen on the German skies. Similar sightings were reported in Oregon and California, while local police and space agencies failed to give a proper explanation for these incidents.