Are extra-terrestrials trying to contact us? Scientists record fast radio bursts from deep space


A team of researchers at the Parkes observatory Australia has recorded three fast radio burst signals, and one of them being the strongest ever recorded. The unusual radio signals were first recorded on March 01, followed by two more occurrences on March 09 and 11.The strongest fast radio burst signal was observed on March 09, and scientists are still unable to explain where they come from.

Are aliens and extra-terrestrials trying to contact us?

Fast radio bursts have always remained a mystery to modern science, as nobody has succeeded in explaining their origin. Theories of radio bursts' origin range from colliding neutrons to extra-terrestrial spacecraft. Even though experts have not talked anything about these signals' alien connection, conspiracy theorists strongly claim that living beings from deep space are trying to contact us via radio signals.

They also believe that these signals might be the response of alien life forms to the radio signals we sent to space to tell about our existence in the universe.

However, Danny Price, a researcher at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) said that he will be happy if these fast radio outbursts are from extra-terrestrials.

"What can produce such bursts? We don't know yet, but leading theories involve neutron stars and cataclysmic events. There's also a neat theory that they are due to interstellar extraterrestrial travel. We'd love that to be the case, but have to rule out all plausible astrophysical theories first," said Danny, reports the SETI website.

All you need to know about fast radio burst signals

Fast radio burst signals were initially spotted in 2007 by radio astronomer Duncan Lorimer of West Virginia University in Morgantown. These bursts are basically intense bursts of radio emission, that lasts only for some milliseconds. Due to the limited range of instruments capable of detecting these bursts, most of them coming beyond Milky Way go undetected.

The brightest fast outburst which was recorded on March 09 has been named FRB 180309. The two other outbursts recorded on March 01 and 11 are named FRB 180301 and FRB 180311 respectively.

As of now, we have recorded only 33 fast radio outbursts, and most of them only flashed one and then disappeared. The FRB 121102 observed in November 2012 is considered the unique one among these fast radio bursts, as it continuously repeats.

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