Archeologists Say Goliath Was Just a Bit Taller Than Present Day NBA Players

Archeologists speculated the height of Goliath after measuring the height of a gateway in Goliath's home city

A team of archaeologists has claimed that Goliath, a character mentioned in the Bible known for his towering height was just taller than modern-day NBA players. According to a description in the Dead Sea Scrolls' Book of Samuel, Goliath was a giant human being who was more than three meters tall. In the book, it is revealed that the giant man was defeated by King David in a war.

What Was the Height of Goliath?

Archeological findings made by researchers reveal that Goliath was just 7 feet and 10 inches tall. Even though this height is gigantic, many of the NBA players have measured more than 7 feet and 5 inches in length.

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It should be noted that the tallest NBA players of all time, Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan, both measured 7 feet and 7 inches. Robert Wadlow, touted to be the world's tallest man had a height of 8 feet and 11 inches.

How Researchers Analyzed Goliath's Height?

Researchers who took part in this study made this conclusion after measuring the height of a gateway into Goliath's home city of Gath, which was unearthed from Tell es-Safi, Israel. Interestingly, this gateway measured just 2.38 meters, and researchers speculated the height of Goliath by analyzing this measurement.

"The ancient writer used a real architectural metric from that time to describe Goliath's height, likely to indicate that he was as big and strong as his city's walls," said Jeffrey Chadwick, an archeologist at the Brigham Young University in Utah, Daily Star reports.

However, Chadwick's interpretation of a Biblical figure has not gone well with Bible experts. According to these religious followers, Chadwick should do more research before finalizing the height of such a giant man-like Goliath.

In the meantime, several other Christian believers strongly argue that humanity is going through the end times. According to these believers, recent world events are actually fulfilling Biblical prophecies, and it indicates that the second coming of Christ will be happening soon.