Archaeologists discover ancient industrial area and 20 wooden coffins in Egypt

Archaeologists found the industrial area in Valley of the Monkeys and 20 ancient coffins in the southern city of Luxor

The land of Pharaoh has again stunned the archaeologists, besides attracting tourists as usual. Recently, the researchers excavated two archaeological findings in the southern city of Luxor consisting of not one or two but 20 ancient wooden coffins.

The researchers discovered in this industrial area at the southern city's West Valley, also known as the Valley of the Monkeys, at least 20 ancient wooden coffins. The team had been working at the site, which is located at the city's western bank of the Nile, since 2017.

But recently as per Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities, the archaeologists from Egypt have discovered 30 workshops in the ancient industrial area, which is "composed of houses for storage and the cleaning of the funerary furniture with many potteries dated to Dynasty 18," said excavation team's leader, Zahi Hawass.

Egypt's Antiquities Ministry
Egypt's Antiquities Ministry

In the statement, it was revealed that they have noticed that the manufacturing area contains a deep cut and includes a water tank which is believed to be used by the workers at ancient times. The team has also discovered a scarab ring, hundreds of inlay beads and golden objects.

As per the archaeologists, these newly found ancient objects were used to decorate royal coffins and some inlays known as the wings of Horus.

After further excavation, they discovered a tomb in Luxor's East Valley, also known as the Valley of King. It should be noted that The East Valley contains famous royal tombs. Hawass said that they found some "tools that the ancient Egyptians used to construct a royal tomb."

Archaeologists also discovered 20 ancient coffins in the Asasif Necropolis. Photos shared by the ministry show coloured coffins with inscriptions and paintings.

These were described as one of the ''biggest and most important'' discoveries in recent years. However, further details will be released at a news conference scheduled for Saturday, Oct.19.

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