Archaeologists discover 3,600-year-old Egyptian teenage mummy littered with beautiful bridal jewelry

  • Archaeologists discovered the mummy of a teenage girl along with beautiful bridal jewelry

  • The discovery was made at the necropolis of Dra' Abu el-Naga' located on the West Bank in Egypt

The current situation in the world is like a nightmare to millions who are forced to stay at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But this unseen enemy could not stop archaeologists in Egypt to make an incredible discovery.

In the the necropolis of Dra' Abu el-Naga' located on the West Bank in Egypt, near the famous Valley of the Kings, a team of archaeologists who are involved in the Djehuty Project discovered a teenage mummy along with extremely valuable jewelry items and bridal clothes inside its coffin.

3,600-year-old teenage mummy

Even though the mummy appeared to be buried almost 3,600-year-ago, as per Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the team of archaeologists found two earrings, two rings and four necklaces including one valuable 74-piece made of gems.

The researchers revealed that the necklace found at the archaeological site was of 74 pieces including amethyst, carnelian and several other valuable gemstones which are yet to be identified. They also noticed that in the centre of the ornament, there is an amber falcon representing ancient Egypt's god of the sky, Horus with a pair of Egyptian beetles used as amulets.

As per the archaeologists, while one of the rings found with the mummy was made of bone, the other was blue glass with a rope band. The researchers revealed that the body belongs to a female teenager who died aged about 16. She was just over five feet tall, said the team.

Egypt Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Ancient Jewelry Egypt Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

The findings of ancient mummy

It should be mentioned that as per the experts, the body was looted earlier but it had been treated with proper care. The team of archaeologists noticed that dated between 1580 to 1550 BC, the coffin was painted with white colour and includes a unique inscription of a tree trunk.

The ancient coffin was discovered near the burial place of the Ancient Egyptian, Djehuty, who was Overseer of Treasury and of Works during the pharaoh Hatshepsut's regime. As per the archaeologists, at least three pharaohs from the same dynasty have been found at the archaeological site along with other family members.

Ancient coffin
Ancient coffin of teenage girl Egypt Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Along with this coffin, the archaeologists also found dozens of other unprotected burials at the archaeological site which is according to the experts, very unusual. During the excavation, they found a 22-centimetre long clay coffin which was sealed with its original string that included a wooden human figure wrapped in four linen clothes tied to its neck and feet.

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