Arbab Mumbai, A Top Lebanese Fine-Dining Restaurant To Have Two New Outlets Soon


Food is almost everyone's best friend. A lot of people's mood gets quickly fixed when they are offered a delightful platter. There are different restaurants and cafes in various cities that spread joy by offering diverse world cuisines to people. In Mumbai, there are more than thousands of eateries, and people have a lot to choose from. But one eatery or restaurant that's become a foodies' favourite for Lebanese dishes is Arbab.

Arbab is known for its fine dining ambience and mouthwatering dishes. It is founded by Faiz and Fahad Kadawalla, who bring Mumbaikars the flavours of Beirut's top delicious dishes at their table. The restaurant is located at 28th Road in Bandra. It has been more than 6-7 years since the restaurant has seen immense growth with customers. The massive response led to the expansion of the restaurant with a new French-style menu.

Soon, people in Mumbai will get to enjoy some other delicacies by the same people. Yes, you read it right! The founders of the restaurants are planning to open two new outlets by the end of 2021. About the same, Faiz Kadawalla shares that Arbab is a special place, and they always had plans to expand it. He is grateful for all the love customers to have shown them over the years. It is this positive response that encourages them to start two new outlets soon.

So what makes Arbab so special? Well, the ambience is one of the key factors. It also has outdoor seating and professional and well-spoken staff who make sure the customers walk out smiling with a promise to return. Now coming to food, it's the main winner here! While their Shawarmas are a blockbuster, other Lebanese dishes like Hummus and Pita bread, Arbab Chicken, Arayes or Toshka, Reyash – Grilled Lamb Chops, Mashawi Mushakkal are also their specialities. Even their desserts are a must-try which includes Baklava, Knafeh, Umm Ali with Suleimani Chai, Moroccan Tea or Turkish Coffee.