Aramco Facilities Attacked; Houthi Drones, Cruise Missile Target Multiple Saudi Arabian Plants

Houthi rebels launched missiles and drones targeting two Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia's Jizan and Yanbu, damaging some structures and civilian vehicles, Saudi-led coalition said on Sunday.

The rebels also targeted a water desalination plant in Al-Shaqeeq, a power station in Dhahran al Janub, a gas facility in Khamis Mushait, and an Aramco liquefied natural gas plant in Yanbu.

Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco YouTube Grab

Material Damages to Facilities

The attack has caused material damages to some facilities but there was no loss of life. However, the government has not clarified which facilities faced damages.

Saudi Aramco facility Attacked
Saudi Aramco facility Attacked Twitter

The government also presented pictures of some damaged cars near the facilities after the attack.

"These hostile attacks and debris resulting from interceptions caused some material damage at the facilities and civilian cars and houses. There was no loss of life as of now," according to an official statement circulated by state media.

Houthis Launched Iranian-made Cruise Missiles

The early probe has suggested that Iranian-made cruise missiles were fired at desalination plant and state oil firm Aramco's Jizan distribution center, according to Khaleej Times.

Saudi-led coalition has said that the country's air defense system destroyed a ballistic missile and nine drones.

Aramco facility attacked
Aramco facility attacked Twitter

Visuals circulated by the state media have shown that firefighters were dousing flames at a facility caused by the attack and damaged structures were seen in the pictures.

It came after an oil refinery in Riyadh was targetted by Houthi drones in March, which had resulted in the death of three civilians.

Meanwhile, Houthis have also rejected the request to attend talks with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, which is scheduled to be held on March 29 in Riyadh.

Since, 2014, Yemen has been plunged into a severe conflict, where an internationally recognized government is regularly being targetted by Houthi separatists. Saudi leads a military coalition in the support of the internationally recognized government and fights against Houthis.

Thousands of lives have been lost due to the war in Yemen and it has displaced millions leading to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.