Apple's self-driving car test setup revealed in internal documents

Apple internal documents reveals the actual training methodology used for the trainee drivers.

Self-driving car automated system

Fresh details of Apple's self-driving car system have surfaced via internal documents secured through a public records request by Business Insider. The company is now extensively testing an Automated System for self-driving cars with a special training program being conducted for select staffers to acclimatise them in operating the vehicles.

Apple Automated system for self-driving cars

The internal documents detail Apple's "Development Platform Specific Training" and a new self-driving car system called "Apple Automated System".

The company is reportedly testing three new Lexus RX450h SUVs, which use a Logitech wheel and pedals to enable drivers to disengage the electronic driving mode and take over manual controls via 'drive by wire' mode.

Self-driving car automated system

The document further clarifies that Apple drivers must clear seven different tests in order to qualify for actual training session with self-driving cars. Each driver gets two practice runs and three trials to pass each test in a seemingly private course.

[Source: Business Insider]