Apple Watch Series 3 to be fully independent of iPhone

Intel Corp will produce LTE chips for Apple Watch Series 3.

A recent Apple Watch Series 3 leak reveals a new exciting detail about the next-generation smartwatch. If the leak holds water, the wearable device will eventually be independent of any other Apple devices.

Two reliable sources are said to have delivered fresh information about the Apple Watch Series 3. On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Apple's forthcoming smartwatch will be getting a capability to connect to cellular networks, a step intended to break ties between the future Apple Watch and iPhone and other support devices.

Current Apple Watch models require a wireless connection to an iPhone to stream music, navigate maps and send and receive text messages. With the next-generation Apple Watch, it is said to be built around an LTE chip, giving it the ability to do several tasks on its own without needing a third-party device.

Apple has reportedly placed orders from Intel Corp for LTE modems that will be used for the Apple Watch Series 3. On top of that, the Cupertino, California-based titan, "is already in talks with carriers in the US and Europe" to accommodate this game-changing feature. In the US, Verizon Communications Inc, T-Mobile US Inc, Sprint Corp and AT&T Inc have expressed their interest to sell the smartwatch, according to the publication.

With this information at hand, Apple is predicted to double its sales for the next watch. Earlier this week, Apple chief executive Tim Cook declared the Apple Watch Series 2's landslide win in sales "by a very wide margin".

Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be launched by the end of 2018. It could also be possible that Apple might introduce the hardware in September alongside the iPhone 8. Last year, Apple Watch Series 2 was launched in September with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus side by side.