Apple Watch may switch to power-efficient micro-LED display starting 2017

Apple Watch is widely speculated to transition from OLED display panels to power-efficient micro-LEDs in 2017.

The next-gen Apple Watch devices are expected to transition their display assemblies from OLED panels to micro-LEDs, according to the recent speculation. The change in wearable display technology may not see the light of day until the second half of 2017 while the Apple Watch 2 could continue using the OLED displays as its release is expected sometime later this year.

The advent of micro-LED displays brings a lot of promise to the future of wearable technology as it will lead to thinner and lighter screens with improved brightness, wider colour range, and higher display resolutions, according to recent report on DigiTimes.

Apple's earlier acquisition of low-power display startup LuxVue adds some credence to the speculation while it's still surprising to note that the company's iPhone lineup will be embracing a massive shift to OLED displays, especially with the likes of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 2 is likely to feature some minor performance and battery optimisations. However, the next-gen wearables could benefit immensely with the thin and lightweight profile of micro-LED displays in the near future.