Apple CEO Tim Cook IANS

Apple seems to be focusing more on improving their software side rather than releasing new devices based on their recent announcements. However, Apple's statistics and current state heavily point out that the tech giant may be leaving the hardware development industry soon. Is Apple truly transitioning itself from being a hardware company to a software one?

As we all know, Apple is the maker of the iOS smart devices, such as the iPhone and iPads, and has steadily released these devices since their success in 2007. To date, the company stands as one of the top smartphone developers when it comes to both devices and operating systems. However, many of their statistics paint the company's current interest in shifting to focusing on software only.

Outside of their CES 2019 and March event announcements, which focused mostly on their services, the current head of Apple, Tim Cook, is not a "product person," according to late Apple head Steve Jobs. Cook is known for keeping Apple's processes and supply lines efficient and optimal, not for surprising their fans with new innovations for the year.

In addition to the head's focus, Apple's statistics and business progress are heavily focused on software development. According to Thinknum, Apple's job openings were mostly for software developers, with hardware only coming in second. Additionally, Apple's revenue records, as seen in Dazeinfo, showed that the company was still succeeding in their hardware sales. However, their results weren't as dazzling as they didn't bring any notable double-digit percentage growth to the company, which could render their production stale and the company unable to invest in more innovation in the long run. On the other hand, Apple's services were growing at a 22 percent year-over-year growth at $7.26 billion. For now, focusing on services seems to be a profitable venture for the company.

During CES 2019, many smartphone developers teased their new devices, particularly those with peculiar features such as the "foldable display." Apple has only announced their services focus at the event and didn't join this race of hardware innovation.

For now, we'll just have to wait and see if they do have any new additions to the Apple line of smart devices this 2019 during their upcoming March event.

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