Apple has cut off the signing of iOS 11.1.2 disabling users to downgrade their devices to the version. In the meantime, iOS 11.2.1 and iOS 11.2 jailbreak have been successfully performed on the iPhone X.

Bad news for those who wish to get the iOS 11.1.2 when it will soon be released as Apple has stopped supporting the downgrade. While the iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is not yet fully certain to be released publicly, Ian Beer's exploit seems to potentially lead to a first iOS 11 jailbreak soon.

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Despite the iPhone maker cutting it off, another surprise in the jailbreak broke out on Saturday, December 16. The iOS 11.2.1/iOS 11.2 fully untethered jailbreak has been achieved on the iPhone X by Alibaba Pandora Labs.

However, this will not be available for public release as the company plans to use it for research purposes only. Alibaba Pandora did not detail how the operation was achieved or how the vulnerability was exploited.

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"Although iOS 11.2 fixes some security issues, we confirmed the new iOS will still be jailbroken on the first day it was released. Although we escaped iOS 11.2 quickly, we were limited to security research purposes, our team won't provide any jailbreak tool," reads Alibaba Pandora's official statement.

Although Alibaba Pandora has shut down the possibility of releasing it to the general public, future developments might prompt it to give it away in the event that Apple patches the vulnerability.