Apple releases fix for Telugu character 'జ్ఞా' that crashes iPhones

Telugu character
: The Telugu character bug in iOS 11.2.5 is causing iPhones and apps like Facebook and WhatsApp to crash. (Photo: Courtesy,

The Telugu character that has caught Apple unawares is indeed one of the rarely used symbol 'జ్ఞా' that signifies knowledge and it is always associated with "Gyan" with the addition of one more character. It is often divine in nature for the Telugus and is often used in conjunction with another letter to mean wisdom జ్ఞానం (Gnanam).

For all the Telugus, from Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella to Harish Jonnalagadda, the character stood as a highly revered character until now and often associated with knowledge. When the revered character hit the headlines last week, the initial reaction was intriguing for many Telugus across the US. Apple has fixed it in its latest iOS 11.2.6 update.

Whenever the Telugu character is sent in iMessage on Apple phones, it was freezing the entire Messages app on all Mac and iOS devices. Then it refuses to function until the offending character is removed by deleting the conversation. In some instances, the character was sent via iOS notification, thus crashing the entire device.

Here's how the Telugus and non-Telugus have reacted to 'జ్ఞా ' on Twitter: