Apple is reportedly planning to embed a dedicated artificial intelligence chip in future iPhone models to enable functionalities that only this technology can fulfill. In fact, the firm is now developing the said chip which has been named the Apple Neural Engine.

Apple Neural Engine

According to a Bloomberg report, the Apple Neural Engine would be used to "improve the way the company's devices handle tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence—such as facial recognition and speech recognition". This technology is expected to help solve the long-standing issue with battery drain and potentially make the overall smartphone experience better.

There have been speculations the Cupertino firm has been testing out this innovation and is looking into releasing the next iPhone models later this year with this chip in tow. However, as common as Apple demeanor, the firm refused to confirm this information.

AI developments

While there have been no public announcements made by Apple, the missing pieces of the puzzle seem to orchestrate one by one. In the last few years, Apple CEO Tim Cook had mentioned how the company is setting aside a massive amount of time to study augmented reality and artificial intelligence and how to integrate them into their future hardware.

In 2016, the firm began publishing its research on artificial intelligence. In January, it entered into the Partnership on AI, a research coalition of Silicon Valley firms whose primary goal is to observe the future of digital innovation and cybernetics. And just in February, it announced its plans to expand its Seattle headquarters wherein much of its AI and machine learning efforts take place.

The AI market has grown so fast in the last few years. Pioneers taking the lead like Amazon and Google have stepped ahead of Apple with their Alexa and Assistant devices. Soon after, Apple would be able to pick up and move forward beyond Siri.