iOS Developer Academy
Apple opens iOS Developer Academy in Naples, Italy Apple

Apple has just opened its first iOS Developer Academy at the University of Frederico II in Naples on 6 October as the company intends to train the first batch of 100 students with practical skills and experience for transforming their app making ideas into reality.

iOS Developer Academy
iOS Developer Academy in Naples, Italy Apple

According to Apple Newsroom, the successful applicants will be chosen from 11 different zones across Italy including those from Latvia, Germany and the Netherlands. There will be a total of 200 students joining the Developer Academy in the academic year of 2016 with an estimated 400 students taking the training by early next year.

Apple plans to add a new iOS Foundation Program in the Compania region of Italy with an affiliation to at least five more universities in the country. The program will feature 3-4 week courses on app design for iOS, which will help students to enhance and improve their creative skills in iOS software development.