Widespread iCloud Music Library issues affect Apple Music users

Widespread iCloud Music Library issue is reportedly affecting Apple Music subscribers.

Apple Music users are facing widespread outages while connecting to or syncing their personal music files via iCloud Music Library. It is ascertained that the issue persists with all those who try connecting to Apple Music via iOS or OS X or iTunes.

Quite surprisingly, Apple's system status page isn't showing up any signs of widespread outages, as reported by 9To5Mac.

It is further reported that all affected users are being bombarded with a pop-up notification asking them to "Join Apple Music", regardless of whether they have already subscribed to the service.

Unlike the service outage alerts in iOS and OS X, some iTunes users are receiving a notification saying that the service cannot connect to iTunes Music Library for some reason. Furthermore, it is confirmed that a similar message pops up when trying to play some random user-selected tracks while some users have reported missing music files in iTunes Library.

Although there is no specific solution for this problem, several affected users have suggested a couple of workarounds or fixes such as force quitting the apps and then reconnecting to iTunes to retrieve the lost playlists in the library.

The iCloud Music Library issue does not seem to have a permanent solution yet as some users have reported that the fix does not work at all.