iPhone 7 battery
Apple could use AI to boost iPhone battery life or recommend music, says Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the future prospects of Apple Pay in realising a cashless society, during his recent visit to Japan. He also suggested that the company's new research and development centre in Yokohama, near Tokyo, will focus on 'deep engineering' and standout from its Chinese R&D centres.

Speaking to Nikkei Asian Review, Cook also said that the company plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to turbo-charge the iPhone battery life.

"We want the AI to increase your battery life, recommend music to Apple Music subscribers," and also "help you remember where you parked your car."

Cook also explained how the Japanese created FeliCa-compatible chips in the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 models had helped in supporting Apple Pay facility for the country's railway system in JR East.

"Japan is important to us. FeliCa was born in Japan. So by extension, FeliCa is important," Cook explained, asserting that Apple Pay was designed to promote a cashless society.

"We would like to be a catalyst for taking cash out of the system. We don't think the consumer particularly likes cash."