Apple to design its own antennas for 5G iPhones as Qualcomm ones are too big

The Cupertiono-based tech giant is playing make its own antenna module that will be used in 5G phones

American multinational technology company Apple is not impressed with Qualcomm's antennas as they feel the antennas are too big. This has led the iPhone makers to design their own antenna module to be used in their 5G iPhones, as per reports.

In a year's time the iPhones will feature the 5G radio, the report by Fast Company added. The technology company was not happy with the QTM 525 millimetre-wave antenna module that was offered as it did not fit into the sleek design Apple wants.

Apple not happy with Qualcomm's antennas

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The Apple logo is pictured at its flagship retail store in San Francisco, California 24 January 2014 Robert Galbraith/Reuters

However, chipset making giant Qualcomm will still provide the 5G modem chip used in the new iPhones. Apple typically designs on several tracks, and it's concurrently working on another design that uses both the Qualcomm modem and antenna.

It could default to this option later this year, our source said. But that would require Apple to settle for a slightly thicker iPhone than it wants. Qualcomm has said that its QTM 525 antenna module will "support 5G smartphone designs sleeker than 8 millimetres thick", the report added.

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