Apple is getting more generous with its App Store sale, offering a couple of excellent iOS apps for free. IBTimes Singapore brings you another list of premium iOS apps that you can get from the App Store now without spending a dime or more.

All apps on this list are top-rated so make sure to grab your iPhone and iPad devices now before it's too late. Take note, some apps here are compatible with Apple Watch or iPod touch.

Fast Food Diary (US$0.99)

This app revolutionises the new way fitness buffs or just anyone keeps track of calorie intake without depriving themselves of fast food craving. Fast Food Diary also helps you to balance your diet and control your weight. However, the app is only available in eight countries for now, including the US and select European countries.

Get Fast Food Diary for iOS from the App Store.

PRO Screen (US$3.99)

Make your iPhone more visually attractive with PRO Screen, an app that unleashes the creative in you. Among other functionalities, you can customise slide bars, status bars, clock overlays and more. You can also resize your photos if you want them to fit on your lock and home screens.

Get PRO Screen for iOS from the App Store.

Pixel Weather (US$0.99)

A weather forecast app in a pixel style, Pixel Weather is the comprehensive kind that gives you pretty much everything you might want to know in terms of weather conditions. You can use its widget right on your home screen as well as the option to display a six-day weather forecast.

Get Pixel Weather for iOS from the App Store.

Dunk for Dibbble (US$0.99)

Disclaimer: This is not the official Dribbble app. Dunk for Dribbble enables you to browse Dribbble shots on your iPhone or iPad. It automatically plays GIF animation and allows you to like shots, customise your feed, comment shots, follow and unfollow, search for shots and save them.

Get Dunk for Dibbble for iOS from the App Store.

Focus (US$7.99)

A master procrastinator's life-saver, Focus allows you to approach time management is a new perspective--the way you organise your tasks and stay motivated. Its Focus Sessions feature lets you work for 25 minutes in four sessions with short breaks in between them to relax your mind.

Get Focus for iOS from the App Store.

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