APM Monaco Jewelry Brand's Wonderland Program Gives Jewelry Second Life, Gets Forbes' Fashion Awards Le Trophee

APM Monaco

As consumers continue to evolve with the times, many people are staying loyal to brands with business practices that align with their ethical philosophies. Since Climate Change has been a top-of-mind issue for world leaders and concerned citizens for a few decades now, a growing number of consumers are putting their money where their mouths are. From large media campaigns to full-scale boycotts, consumers are letting businesses know that they will not spend their dollars on businesses that cannot commit to sustainable practices.

APM Monaco, the world-renowned fashion jewelry brand is not only known for their exciting designs and affordable prices but they are also known throughout the industry as a pioneer in sustainable efforts. With the Wonderland Program, APM Monaco encourages consumers to recycle their old jewelry while also offering an ingenious solution for customers if they break or lose their favorite pieces. The Wonderland Program is built upon the brand's belief in the 'forever lifespan of jewelry', the program's "enjoy now, protect the future" motto.

By entering the Wonderland Program APM Jewelry patrons get a 2-year full warranty that includes professional cleaning and lifetime repair as well as the ability to bring previously owned APM pieces to any of its over 400 stores worldwide for recycling. Such pieces will be melted and the material later used to create new jewelry. Fifteen percent of the recycled item's value will go towards the purchase of a new item. This program has made waves in the industry because of its brilliant incentivize structure that appeals to consumers' desire for eco-friendly practices as well as their desire to save money.

Recently, APM Monaco's Wonderland Program was honored for its ability to facilitate recycling and overall commitment to sustainability. The Wonderland Program was awarded the Le Trophée award at the Forbes Fashion Awards on September 30th in Paris. To be honored with such an esteemed award brings much-needed visibility to the great work that APM Monaco is doing to drive forward environmentally sustainable practices in the jewelry industry.

The award ceremony coincided with Paris Fashion Week and the launch of APM Monaco's October release of the Météorites collection of handcrafted pieces made from sterling silver and white cubic zirconia.

To stay up to date with the latest APM Monaco collections as well as to learn more about the Wonderland Program and the brand's commitment to sustainability, please visit the APM Monaco website.