Apink get bomb threat before album showcase in Seoul

The suspect earlier called the police on June 14 and threatened to shoot Apink.

Apink Twitter

Korean girl group Apink's comeback has been overshadowed by a bomb threat from a man believed to be same who earlier vowed to kill them. Apink held their album showcase and met the press Monday. But before the event, a man called to say that he would bomb the showcase.

As a result, Korean police searched the place but found nothing. Plan A Entertainment, the group's agency, made a final decision to hold the album event. As many as 20 guards and police were deployed for security and safety.

"We regret that we have to say hi to our fans through negative news. We were startled a lot, but I think we were able to find our stability through well wishes from fans," said Apink member Bomi, according to Yonhap News.

The suspect earlier called the police on June 14 and threatened to shoot Apink.

"We thank the police for their swift reaction. I hope things can be resolved well so that we can greet our fans with only good news. I hope the fans don't worry too much," said Apink's Chorong.

Apink released their new album "Pink Up" on June 26, which contains seven tracks including the title song "Five." The group's last album was "Pink Revolution" released last September.

"We did a lot of overseas publicity (during the hiatus). We wanted to see our home fans and are happy to finally meet them," added Bomi.

Naeun described "Five" as a track with "catchy melody. The lyrics are about counting from one to five for a break during the hectic lives people live out today."

Chorong wrote "Eyes" and said he gets inspiration from "trivial things."

"I want to write lyrics that many can relate to. Sometimes I'm inspired while watching a movie or a drama. Other times I get ideas while talking to fellow members," she said.