AOA's Seolhyun reveals her diet for amazing body figure

Seolhyun has been praised for her slim body.

South Korean singer and actress Seolhyun revealed tips to stay fit Instagram/seolhyun.aoa

South Korean singer and actress Seolhyun has opened up about tips to stay fit and healthy. The 21-year-old member of girl group AOA shared her secrets to slim body.

During an appearence on JTBC's Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, she said: "I don't leave out things I want to eat, rather I eat everything I want to, but just a little of it," revealing she just decreases her intake."

"Rather than not eating at night, I skip out on breakfast," she continued. "They always say that you should have a hearty breakfast and a light dinner, but when I eat heartily in the morning, I end up eating heartily at night, too. That's why I eat less for breakfast and eat heartily for dinner."

Adding on, Seolhyun revealed how she managed her weight. She said: "Lemon detox, Denmark diet, etc. I did everything there was to try. There was no results. They don't match me well. I think actually you lose weight if you eat everything you want to eat. I exercise no matter what if I have the time."