AOA's Seolhyun birthday: Singer posts heart melting message for fans

Seolhyun turned 22 on 3 January.

Seolhyun thanked her fans for wishing her on birthday, which falls on 3 January Instagram/seolhyun.aoa

South Korean singer and actress Seolhyun wrote a heartfelt letter to her well wishers. The 22-year-old member of South Korean girl group AOA thanked her fans for wishing her on birthday, which falls on 3 January.

Seolhyun posted a short video to her social media account. In the clip, she shared the highlights of the past year.

She wrote: "Hello everyone, this is Seolhyun here. I write a letter to my fans each year on my birthday. I'm writing this in hopes of conveying my gratitude towards those who have cheered me on."

"Regardless of how busy I was, I'm deeply grateful to have been able to spend my birthday this year while receiving so much love."

"In 2016 I was extremely happy, but I also went through many hardships. I think I was able to grow as a result of those experiences, and the happy memories have become a part of what pushes me to live on with energy. When I was filled with guilt and disappointment about myself, I would think about the people who work hard for me and cheer me on. It was then that I realized that being negative is a waste of time, and I should just do my best to thank those people. I'm going to work really hard!! To everyone telling me that my existence is a source of energy for them, your existence is my source of energy too!"

She concluded: "That's why this year, as important as my own happiness is, I also want there to be more happy people in the world. Just like all those people I've been grateful for, I want to be someone who can help others become happy. Happy New Year, and I wish you all happiness! Thank you."

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