Anyone can unlock a Galaxy S10 by using their fingerprint: Samsung promises to fix bug soon

With this fingerprint bug, anyone can get access to the Galaxy S10 device and the chances of losing information are high.

Galaxy S10
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The purpose of a fingerprint scanner is to keep our devices safe and secure by not allowing any third-party person to steal our data. It is also an additional feature, other than the passcode locking system for smartphones.

But, the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone can be unlocked by any stranger with a 3D-printed fingerprint.

Imgur, an American online image sharing community, shared the Galaxy S10 unlocking video made by a username darkshark. In the Sun Newspaper, this issue was reported by Lisa Neilson, who said that, after purchasing the screen protector from eBay and fitting it, anyone could able to access the device by using their fingerprints.

Even the device won't ask you to record your fingerprint when you try to access it. You can directly put your thumb on the graphic illustration and can enter the device.

By looking at this flaw, the chances of users losing their private information (banking details, personal information) are high.

Until the problem gets fixed, the South Korean's internet-only Kakaobank, took to its notice blog and told the customers to turn-off the fingerprint option and use patterns or passcodes instead. In the notice, they also shared the instructions on how to switch off the fingerprint option.

The so-called biometric authentication feature works with the in-display ultrasonic sensor, which allows the smartphones to recognize the ridges of the fingerprints of the users.

Earlier reports stated that people use third-party screen protectors, which fail to work properly and allow others to access their devices.

However, as reported by Reuters, the tech giant said that it is aware of the flaw and will fix it soon with a software patch. Moreover, Samsung also asked all its users to use authorized screen-protectors to prevent such issues.

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