The Antony Gordon show podcast explores a new framework for personal fulfillment


Life is often challenging and money doesn´t necessarily lead to happiness. Without a deep sense of purpose and a burning desire to contribute to the world in a unique way, even the most successful people can feel stuck and lose touch with their inner calling.

As a consultant and life coach to celebrities and elite athletes, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and managing director of MGO, Antony Gordon spent years surrounded by those who seemingly "had it all." By society's standards, these people appeared to have made it. But, time and time again he witnessed the same disconnect; most of them did not have an understanding of true happiness, or how to attain it.

This realization coupled with what Gordon first noticed during his time at Harvard— which was later reiterated in corporate boardrooms and Hollywood gatherings—that no one is really taught how to live a meaningful and happy life.

As Antony continued his search for the right elements to develop a new kind of personal development framework he decided to share the journey with those who will certainly benefit from his experiences the most and so, The Antony Gordon Show podcast was born. The show steps in as a guide for its listeners; "a GPS for life," driven by entertainment, but fueled by a higher purpose.

Gordon – a people person by nature – is probably one of the most well-liked and sought after public figures, a born communicator who relishes the opportunity to inspire, motivate, and empower those around him.

By tackling subjects like near-death experiences and the breakthroughs that come from hitting rock bottom, the show provides its audience with useful information and tangible tools. A priceless takeaway for their own life. Gordon's ability to connect with both guest and audience leads to vulnerable dialogues rich in emotion and insight into the human experience. The authenticity is palpable.

Gordon communicates with ease and in doing so, he is able to positively influence people, creating a virtuous circle of collaborative and transformative development.
"I want to help people understand what true happiness is, and how to deal with setbacks and disappointments. How we respond to the inevitable vicissitudes in life is often what distinguishes those who become successful from those who remain, bitter victims," Gordon affirms.
With a unique formula of truly life-changing and applicable advice delivered in the form of entertaining and thought-provoking dialogue, it's no surprise that The Antony Gordon Show podcast is gaining momentum with its growing millennial audience.

Take a listen for yourself on Spotify or iTunes, and embark on a journey of profound personal transformation with a little direction from Antony Gordon.