Anti-Vaxxers Blast NY Education Department for Plan to Place Teachers on Unpaid Leave Over Fake Vaccine Records

New York City's Department of Education is thinking of placing a larger number of employees including teachers on leave without pay, following their alleged submission of fake COVID vaccine records.

The stringent action against the teachers and other department employees has invited a sharp criticism by the anti-vax groups and social media followers. They have termed the NYC Mayor Eric Adams "an autocrat" and "an irrational" individual adding that he is far from being a people's representative.

A large number of employees from various government departments in addition to the general public in New York City have been raising their voice against the citywide COVID vaccine mandate.

Anti Vax Protests

Anti Vax Groups Support Teachers

The row between the anti-vax groups and NYC Mayor Eric Adams escalated when the latter exempted the athletes and performers the vaccine mandate. Adam's detractors stated that he is completely at fault for exempting selective professionals and rejecting the pleas of others.

As reported by the New York Post, a group named Teachers for Choice has vociferously opposed the action against teachers on the pretext for making COVID vaccine mandate as criteria to teach and attend school.

However, NYC Education Department has made it clear that the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District along with law enforcement agencies will probe into the matter.

A twitter user, while replying to @DiazBronx @teacher's choice and 9 others, stated "Nobody should ever be made to test. I was put on unpaid leave for refusing. I am not sick until proven healthy. I left NYC now living in a free state where I don't have to test, muzzle up or take a shot to work or exist. This violates our bodily autonomy. All mandates must end!"

Replying to @vondora and @ALLPreksMatter another user stated, "No a lot of city workers in NYC, and that includes teachers, bought fake vaccine cards last year. A few months ago, city workers like cops, fire fighters, sanitation workers got caught and got fined, suspended whatever. So now it's catching up to the teachers."

Replying to @MagisterBracey another tweet read, "You have a child? Why don't you put that in your bio? Have you ever thought that you might have given your child Covid? Masks and vaccines are ineffective at stopping the spread of viruses. Please get her/him ivermectin! I guess even teachers get schooled sometimes."