Anthony Lowe Jr: Disturbing Footage Shows Black Double Amputee Trying to Hobble Away Before Being Fatally Shot at by California Cops

Days after double amputee Anthony Lowe Jr. was fatally shot by the California cops, a disturbing footage showing him hopping away to evade arrest has emerged on social media. Lowe, who lost his both legs during a police encounter, was shot at least eight times during the Thursday encounter at Huntington Beach.

Lowe Is Seen Carrying a Knife

Anthony Lowe Jr.
Anthony Lowe Jr.
Anthony Lowe Jr, a double amputee, was shot multiple times as he tried to flee from the cops

The footage, recorded by a bystander, shows a knife yielding Lowe hopping out of his wheelchair to evade arrest. He is then seen hopping away as multiple cops are seen pointing their guns and following him. However, the video does not show the shots being fired at the black double amputee.

The Independent reported that the Huntington Park Police Department stated that the incident happened after the officers responded to a stabbing incident on Thursday afternoon. The caller, a man, claimed that he had been stabbed by a wheelchair bound man. According to the police, when they arrived they confronted Lowe. They also tried to taser him. However, after he threatened the cops with a knife, the cops fired shots.

"The suspect was tased at least twice by Huntington Park Officers but the deployment of the taser was ineffective. The suspect attempted to throw the butcher knife at the officers again, at which time an officer-involved shooting occurred," according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office.

Family Demands Justice

The New York Post reported that Lowe was shot at by a cop who came out of a backup cruiser. The double amputee was handcuffed after he slumped over his stomach following the shots. He reportedly died on the spot.

Demanding justice, Lowe's family said that he was not a threat owing to his physical limitations. "They murdered my son, in a wheelchair with no legs. They do need to do something about it," Lowe's mother, Dorothy Lowe, said during a press conference.

"You guys knew your lives wasn't in danger. He's running on his limbs. How cold-hearted could they be?" Lowe's cousin Ellakenyada Gorum said. Another relative, an aunt added, "Be realistic about this, what could he have possibly done in a wheelchair? We want justice."