Anthony Del Rio Shares His Story of Becoming a Million-dollar Amazon Dropshipper

Anthony Del Rio

E-commerce platforms have revolutionized shopping for consumers around the world. Besides consumers and suppliers benefitting from the digital revolution that has made way for e-commerce platforms, other players like drop shippers have reaped huge rewards too. Dropshipping is attractive because there is no obligation to hold any inventory for selling on e-commerce platforms. Drop shippers are not suppliers and they do not even physically see or touch the product they sell but they earn profit from every product that is sold from their store. Anthony Del Rio is a successful drop shipper on Amazon earning a seven-figure revenue every month.

Anthony Del Rio had a humble beginning working two jobs, struggling to realize his dream of starting a profitable business. Being a high school-drop out added to the woes as several opportunities for a better professional career slipped away from him. However, the zeal to win with hard work and dedication has made him eventually realize his dreams.

Anthony Del Rio was always interested in starting a business, so he began enrolling in various business learning courses. Soon he discovered the power of e-commerce platforms and wanted to know more about them. He spent his hard-earned money on different courses on e-commerce to finally discover his calling for dropshipping. He realized that he didn't need to have the capital for the initial investment to start a dropshipping business. Dropshipping provided a ray of hope that he could start his business with only a computer and an internet connection.

Anthony Del Rio chose Amazon, the e-commerce giant to open his dropshipping store. The reason he chose Amazon was that he figured out that the e-commerce giant had a global consumer base for the products sold on its platform. So he didn't have to spend money on expensive ad campaigns to reach his consumers and convince them about the quality of his products. There were numerous suppliers on Amazon offering unique products. He could find better suppliers for similar products at lower prices and list his products on Amazon at competitive prices while keeping a fair share of his profit for himself.

After three months of hard work and dedication, he managed to quit his job for good and focus completely on his business. Within seven months, he was able to draw a six-figure revenue from Amazon through drop shipping. Now Anthony Del Rio is living his dreams with a financially secure life.

However, this success did not come to him easily. He had his share of failures too. He made bad decisions and ended up losing thousands of dollars of his hard-earned money on business courses that added little value to him. Now he doesn't want other aspiring entrepreneurs to make the same mistakes as him. To help them choose the right path to start their business on e-commerce platforms, Anthony Del Rio has started sharing his hard-earned experience and knowledge through e-learning courses. Steadyecom is the place where he shares his skills and strategies to help people venture into dropshipping with confidence.

Anthony Del Rio also owns a successful dropshipping brand Ecomdelrio. All the details about his brand and business are available on hisInstagram account. Anthony Del Rio believes that if he has a high school drop-up can fight all odds to taste success with drop shipping, then anyone can. All that is needed is the will and the effort to start a profitable business.