Anthony Agyeman's Million Dollar Motivation I

Anthony Agyeman

Making shirts one-by-one, marketing the products, taking and shipping out orders, and coming up with the designs is a multi-departmental task. Anthony Agyeman was doing it all by himself. This explains why he stepped away from his first business despite success. For Anthony, who grew up watching a single parent work multiple jobs and struggling to pay bills, the accomplishment was exciting, but it was also affecting his life.

The entrepreneurial spirit had been sparked, and it was all he needed to keep going. The 23-year-old seems to have a natural knack for predicting what's going to be trending in business. He started his clothing business in high school after realizing the power of selling products online. He also knew that the best way to market these products was via social media and with the help of influencers. After stepping away from his clothing enterprise, he had another hunch - this one was about dropshipping.

For six months, he worked hard at dropshipping without seeing much progress. Most people in his position would have given up, and Anthony almost did, but his strong mindset stepped in, and he decided to delve into some proper research. When the internet articles and YouTube videos didn't give him enough information, he turned to successful people in the industry and had one-on-one talks with them.

During one of his conversations, he learned about the Cognitive Basis of Buying. There's a science behind how people purchase products. Each user's buying experience is unique, but if you can make their purchasing process as user-friendly, easy, and convenient as possible, you'll retain and acquire more customers.

Armed with this information, Anthony set his sights on higher ticket products. According to Anthony, there are three essential steps to getting a customer to convert: "First, you need to learn how to get people to your website. What will drive them there? Second, you learn how to get people to buy your product. Every business has to follow these two same steps. The third one is what they are looking for– it's the product", he says.

Within a few months, he'd built up a loyal client base. His most profitable month saw him pulling in over $1.8 million in sales. For years, he'd had to find and build his own motivation, especially when faced with multiple setbacks. It was all worth it for that moment—his million-dollar motivation.

A true business mind moves in multiple directions and across industries. Anthony's is no exception. Once he had established his dropshipping company, he decided to help people who were in a similar position to where he started. He started Marketing Wizards, a consulting company that helps new or struggling business owners drive traffic to their website, market their product, and get customers to make that all-important purchase click. He also runs an ATM business, Pure ATMs, and he'll soon start selling vegan vitamins and CBD under the brand Vegan Gummies.

The young entrepreneur has a lot on his plate, and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.