Ant-Man 3 movie to release sooner than expected

Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas starrer untitled Ant-Man 3 movie is likely to go on floor in January 2021 and will probably release a couple of months before or after Black Panther 2

Ant man
Ant-Man, Facebook

Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly's Ant-Man 3 movie is coming sooner than most of the Marvel fans expected. Michael Douglas has recently confirmed that he will be respiring his role as Dr. Hank Pym and the filming of the most awaited Marvel movie will commence very soon. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Michael Douglas plays the role of Hope Pym's father — Dr. Hank Pym, the original creator of the Ant-Man suit and Pym particle that lets people travel to the Quantum Realm. This same Pym particle was also used by Tony Stark and others in Avengers: Endgame when they traveled back in time to get their hands on all the six Infinity Stones.

Michael Douglas recently admitted during his interview with the Collider that the principal photography of Ant-Man is scheduled to start from January 2021. "The Marvel world has really been a blast!" the actor told the outlet. "I love them, I'm having a great time. We're starting a third [Ant-Man movie] in the beginning of January '21. That's our date for starting another Marvel [movie]."

Ant-Man, Facebook
Ant-Man, Facebook

If the untitled Ant-Man 3 movie will start filming in January 2021 then we will see the superhero movie somewhere in mid-2022, a couple of months before or after the release of Black Panther 2. The second part in the Ant-Man franchise was directed by Peyton Reed and was made against a budget of $162-195 million and it went on to make $622.7 million.

Ant-Man 3 may introduce Fantastic Four:

After Disney Studios purchased 20th Century Fox in one of the biggest business mergers of all time, moviegoers started to speculate as to when and how they are going to see superheroes from Fox finally appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As per a recent fan theory, Fantastic Four superheroes from Fox are most likely to appear in Ant-Man 3 movie.

Check out the very interesting theory by a fan on Reddit:

If the creators will follow several mythological elements of the Fantastic Four comics then the above theory could be true. As of now, fans will just have to wait for Ant-Man 3 to get released and see if in the post-credit we get to see Fantastic Four finally making an appearance.