Another Time Traveler from 2075 surfaces, predicts nuclear war in 2019

One from 2030 last week even passed a lie detector test

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Left, an image of Earth from the DSCOVR-EPIC camera. Right, the same image degraded to a resolution of 3 x 3 pixels, similar to what researchers will see in future exoplanet observations. NOAA/NASA, Stephen Kane

Not a single day passes by without a self-proclaimed time traveller hitting the Youtube or a popular news channel with their masked faces and distorted voices to claim that they were from the future. Some revelations have rocked the social media last year. One from 2030 last week even passed a lie detector test, said reports.

Though none of these revelations elicited any response from the US space agency NASA or any other governmental organisation, the race for instant popularity is hitting the latest brand of time travellers.

Joining the ranks in less than two days, Michael Phillips, claiming to be from the second half of this century (born in 2043) said he was here to warn the humanity about a nuclear war between North Korea and the United States set to take place in 2019.

Phillips says he had joined the army when he was 18, which could be 2061, and that he was picked up for a mysterious Section 18 that was meant for time travel experiments.

"I do want to tell you about North Korea because they do attempt to launch a nuclear weapon at the United States – that happens this year in late 2018 – in response the US sends two cruise missiles laden with nuclear tips... Unfortunately what happens as a result of this nuclear exchange, in 2019 World War 3 does happen," he said and quickly added that he was here "to try and stop it from happening. I don't want people to die."

Another prediction he made was that California will be hit by a powerful 9.9 magnitude earthquake. Other predictions he made include that the humans will set foot on Mars by 2025 onboard SpaceX rockets.

During the second half of this century, which is "his time," several bases will be established on the moon and the rest of solar system. The asteroids will be exploited for minerals and even the moons of Jupiter will be within reach.

Almost every prediction he has made is anybody's imagination based on what we know already. So, what's the real future in store for us?

This article was first published on February 23, 2018
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