Another Former Officer Charged in George Floyd's Death Gets Released From Jail

The former police officer was among the four cops who were involved in the arresting of George Floyd, which led to his death

A second former police officer from Minneapolis who was awaiting trial in the George Floyd death case has been released from the jail. The former officer named J Alexander Keung had his bail at $750,000 and he left the Hennepin County Jail on Friday night on 'bond and conditional release. Another police officer named Thomas Lane was released this month on a $750,000 bond.

The former police officer was among the four cops who were involved in the arresting of George Floyd that led to his death. The African American was arrested on Memorial Day as he was suspected of using counterfeit $20 bill. The death of Floyd led to widespread protests all over the world against racial injustice and misconduct by police.

George Floyd Case

George Floyd
George Floyd (left) and the Minneapolis police officer kneeling over his neck (right). Twitter / @Kwamiena

The incident of Floyd's death was captured in a video by the bystanders in which the viewers saw that then-officer Derek Chauvin was pressing his knee on the neck of Floyd as he was lying on the ground in from of a police vehicle. The victim can be heard saying that he could not breathe and eventually when he was taken to the hospital he was declared dead.

Chauvin, who was the main culprit in the incident had his bail set at $1.25 million but like his three other colleagues, he was offered a reduced bail of $1 million if he agreed to certain conditions, which include that he is not going to work in security or law enforcement, not have any contact with the family of Floyd, not leave Minnesota and also surrender all of his firearms and also permits. The other three officers were all held on $1 million bail but it can be lowered to $750,000 with conditions. Chauvin and Thao are still in custody, as reported by CNN.

The death of George Floyd led to major protests around the world in recent times as people came out on the streets to raise their voices against the racial discrimination happening around the world.